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 Control and regulating technology individually developed for you.

Your Challenge- our experience

Innovation and know-how for your OEM solution

SE-Elektronic is looking back at more than 30 years of experience. We are an experienced manufacturer of energy-efficient components for modern building automation. With this knowledge, we develop and produce individual components, products and complete solutions as well for our OEM customers. From automation to field level, individually or as a system: Our OEM offer ensures optimal energy efficiency and reliable comfort.

Flexibility and speed combined with local know-how

  • Competent consulting during design, development and commissioning
  • Flexible development and production of OEM solutions for building automation
  • On-site training and support

Our knowledge- your project

Our partner models for OEM success

Our OEM partners profit from our technical know-how in development and production. This gives them an even greater product range and quality made in Germany at a fair price-performance ratio.

SE-Elektronic is your partner for development of products and partial solutions. In close cooperation with you, our specialists contribute their experience to the shared development process.

Have a look at our production

The highly automated SMD equipment machines in the production of SE-Elektronic produce top products. Complete manufacture, production of diverse versions and small piece numbers are possible easily.

Your individual development- our products

Function and design according to your specifications

Thanks to our competence in development of electronic components, the function and design of OEM products can be adjusted to your needs individually. Direct cooperation with our production and its knowledge in plastics processing, equipment and assembly enables customised solutions for you: From customer-specific labels to individual product housings, to special cable lengths.

Everything from a single source

Supported on our leading technology platforms, we offer you the entire service range from consulting to development and production of customer-specific electronic developments. Pre-produced electronic and mechanical technology modules permit quick reaction to local market requirements and cost-efficient solutions. Our products are certified to international standards. Further certifications are available on request as well.

Remote maintenance - web-based

The BACnet-capable virtual control technology of SE-Elektronic

The virtual control technology "VLTech" is a data management system for control and monitoring of building and system conditions. The data are not locally stored but available to manufacturers, service providers and operators around the world as a web-based portal solution without any limitation in time.

Future-proof remote maintenance

Safety during remote maintenance of automation stations has a price – or this is what people commonly think. The virtual control technology "VLTech" by SE-Elektronic offers a safe and cost-efficient alternative.

Remote maintenance in building automation offers many advantages: Quick access to the automation network is possible from anywhere in order to remedy faults or change settings. Disadvantage: The system is also accessible to others. It is a fact that many systems are insufficiently protected even in Germany – often out of false economy!

"VLTech" offers a safe portal solution

The virtual control technology "VLTech" by SE-Elektronic provides data on building and system conditions as a safe, web-based portal around the world and around the clock. "VLTech" is thus also suitable for remote maintenance. "VLTech" can be easily integrated into systems with E-Bus, A-Bus, B-Bus, BACnet MS/TP or IP.

The most important advantages:

  • Safe shielding through insertion of the "VLTech" service portal
  • Central user management (only registered users have access)
  • Ethernet access to the entire IP network (automation, PLC control, etc.)
  • Simple installation, cost-efficient operation

Request your personal access for the "VLTech" here.

Of course, our virtual control technology series is SSL encrypted. You can identify this by the Norton SECURED seal at the lower left.

Our se spezial for remote maintenance

Learn more about the subject of remote maintenance in our leaflet.

se spezial for remote maintenance

Functions of the "VLTech" remote maintenance

The user has all functions of the building control technology available "live" at any workplace and therefore has a continuous overview of all his systems. Based on the data, individual evaluations and reports regarding energy data can be compiled at any time. Permanent comparisons of properties permit targeted measures regarding efficiency savings and efficiency increase. And much more.

Simple, flexible, safe and cost-efficient

Remote maintenance of building automation solutions beings many advantages. Access to the automation network is possible independently of location and quickly in order to remedy faults, change settings or call data.

The disadvantage: Building automation is also accessible to others this way as well. It is a fact that many systems are insufficiently protected even in Germany – often out of negligence or false economy!

Future-capable remote maintenance for building automation with "VLTech"

Safety in remote maintenance of automation stations is expensive - or this is what people generally thing. Because of this, many operators either do not secure their automation networks at all, or only insufficiently, against unauthorised eternal access. The virtual control technology "VLTech" by SE-Elektronic offers an alternative that is as safe as it is simple and cost-efficient to set up.

Safety in "VLTech" remote maintenance

The virtual control technology "VLTech" is a cloud-based data recording and data management system for controlling and monitoring building and system statuses as well as locally independent remote maintenance. Data are not saved on the control in this flexible and cost-efficient solution, but are available to the manufacturers, service providers and operators as a web-based portal with the highest safety level around the world and around the clock.

Highest safety in remote access

The scope at which you use the options of "VLTech" can be determined by you. Of course, you can also use "VLTech" for your remote maintenance exclusively. In that case, you can profit in particular from the outstandingly secured access options for your network:

  • Safe shielding by using the "VLTech" service portal in between.
  • Central user management (only registered users have access to the system).
  • Access to the entire IP network (e.g. automation, PLC control) via Ethernet.

Building automation - High-performance and innovative

Energy efficient

A proud 13.3 % of the primary energy consumption in Europe is due to heat and power supply of non-residential buildings. Experts believe that modern building automation solutions for heating, ventilation and cooling can reduce consumption by an average of 30%.

Your partner in planning, development and implementation of highly efficient energy solutions: SE-Elektronic.

Savings potentials through building automation

Responsible energy management pays off
A study ordered by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e. V. has shown: Investments in measurement, control and regulation technology and the connected building control technology pay off more quickly than other energetic measures. More and more building operators see how well investments in building automation pay off – in existing and new buildings alike.

Choose the innovative solutions of SE-Elektronic as well

We offer you BACnet-capable automation stations, sensors and actors and the associated building control technology. With the virtual control technology "VLTech", you will be able to perform an energy monitoring of your systems without purchasing new IT hardware.

Automation through state of the art technologies

The pen communication standard BACnet (Building Automation Control Network) forms the spine of our building automation. It is the interface with which our controllers and automation stations communicate.

Modular components

Modular components supplement our building automation for integrated solutions - field buses and interfaces for specialised applications:

  • DALI: Lighting control
  • MODBUS: Cooling system
  • SMI: Shading, roller shutters, curtains
  • M-Bus: Meters (heat, power, gas, water, etc.)
  • Profibus: Industry automation
  • OPC: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), hotel booking system, access control, fire protection, etc.

BACnet - More than just a communication standard for us

BACnet communication

BACnet – The basis of all SE products

BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a network protocol for building automation. BACnet designates a consistent company-neutral standard for data communication.

BACnet is a speech definition for data exchange between different system components in the technical building equipment. It describes communication continually and across levels for management and automation levels. Especially for HLK technology, light control, fire alarm and conveyor technology, and for the lift and escalator monitoring.

Own certified BACnet stack

SE-Elektronic has decided early on to develop a dedicated BACnet stack for best use of the BACnet functions. Our BACnet stack has a modular system concept and can be adjusted to the respective user requirements and scaled easily. We set standards. Use them for your challenges.

  • Highly comprehensive library of BIBBs and objects
  • Routing across all interfaces
  • Character set UTF-8 (all character sets around the world), ANSI X3.4, ISO-8859-1, UCS -2, UCS -4
  • Multiple languages can be changed at any time, also during the runtime (without restart)
  • TCP/IP communication in parallel with the MS/TP via RS485