SE-ELEKTRONIC GmbH is a young and modern company from Göppingen, specialising in the development of building automation.

Automation stations- high performance

From simple HLK solutions to complex requirements.

Certified native BACnet Building Controller (device profile B-BC) according to the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5:2012, Rev. 12. Freely programmable modular DDC unit for regulation, control, monitoring and optimisation of systems for building automation.

Realisation of simple HLK solutions up to the complex requirements and communication across crafts with a router function. The widespread communication protocols like BACnet or Modbus offer a high degree of planning safety and interoperability. Considerable increases of the performance and number of active participants through the new F-Bus technology.

Gateways - BACnet

The gateways permit direct connection and communication between SE systems (A-, B- and E-Bus) and BACnet.

Teleservice solutions in building automation are not only practical but also economically viable: According to VDMA, their use can save up to 80 % of the service costs. With remote maintenance, service work can be planned foresightedly based on the status data. Faults and expensive unplanned repairs are mostly avoided. Additionally, a season-dependent optimisation can clearly increase the degrees of effectiveness of systems in order to sustainably lower energy costs.

Handicap IT infrastructure

The teleservice of technical devices and systems enables service engineers around the world to connect and provides the necessary service functions. Forecasts say that most control and regulations systems will be integrated into remote control, remote maintenance and diagnosis concepts in future. However, the integration into the building user's IT that is usually necessary to date leads to considerable technical and coordination effort. This often delays or entirely prevents efficient remote maintenance.

New: Teleservice independently of the IT infrastructure of the building user
For these reasons, SE-Elektronic has developed a new, stunningly simple solution independently of the building IT: The innovative GSM router is simply attached to the building facade. There, it has the function of the external sensor (temperature) and uses the existing external sensor line to connect to the automation network.

se SPECIAL - GSM router

Room automation modules A great show by the small B-BC.

BACnet-capable single room controller X-RUS2.1

Flexible in configuration, flexible in footprints

Single room control of heating, shading, access control and more must be extremely flexible in particular in buildings with mixed use. Room layouts can change and every user has different requirements. The solution: Rely on diverse "all-rounders" from the beginning in hardware and software. Such as the compact freely configurable solutions by SE-Elektronic.

Multitalent in the wall: X-RUS2.1

The high-performance controller X-RUS2.1 is at the core of a flexible single-room installation. Its free programmability and integrated BACnet Building Controller make it a smart control centre for many different tasks.

  • Control and free programming in a compact unit
  • Single room controller with functions of a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC profile)
  • Integrated web server for web services connection
  • Simple link of room axes via BACnet objects
  • AMEV attestation profiles A and B
  • Simple project planning
  • Remote-maintenance capable (with optional connection to the GSM router)
  • Very low energy consumption in the active condition

X-MIO module

In order to make communication with the sensors and actors even more flexible, SE-Elektronic developed the new IO module X-MIO1.0. It is equally designed for room bus, DALI-bus and MP-bus and thereby suitable for all common applications like the control of heating, cooling, windows, lighting, fans, roller shutters and others.

The flexible combination of X-RUS2.1 and X-MIO1.0 reduces the number of required components for single-room control considerably. Your advantage: Highest operating safety, flexible expansion options and optimal cost efficiency.


Sensors and actors - Feel and trigger

Mastering diverse challenges

C-BUS technology can master diverse challenges in building automation flexibly, securely and cost-efficiently. For example, sensors, actors for valve actuators or valve activation motors can be connected to the bus. Input and output modules as well as control modules for use in the peripherals, control cabinet or electrical distribution.

Higher capacity and simpler operation required

The C-BUS protocol was developed by SE-Elektronic in 1992. It was adjusted to the options of microcontrollers at the time. Today, these controllers have a much higher performance. The user requirements to bus systems have increased as well, in particular regarding parameterisation and project planning. Additionally, it is more and more common that people with little background knowledge in bus technology are supposed to take bus systems into operation and service them. Here, the original SE-Elektronic bus technology can fully play its benefits. While comparable systems such as LON or KNX absolutely need special configuration tools and trained staff, the entry into bus technology is made even simpler now with the newly developed F-BUS.

Building Managment - Efficient

We'll fix it for you!

Savings potentials for building automation 

The principles of sustainable environmental management and the associated statutory requirements will make building automation and energy management mandatory.

If you also want to offer your clients open and scalable solutions with high economic efficiency and operating safety, we are your partners.

Profit from our experience and development competence.

You can rely on this at SE-Elektronic:

  • Open, expansible solutions that are easily integrated into your existing structures
  • Individual development projects, prototypes, small and large series from the design phase to serial production
  • Energy-efficient solutions in building automation, low energy consumption, improved economic efficiency when heating, ventilating and cooling
  • High operating safety, service and support for standard and customised solutions

Customer-specific OEM-developments - Full Service

What we offer you

We offer our customers complete support and planning from the basic idea to the finished products, for all production and development steps in between. We will also gladly offer advice to you for selection of the right raw materials, the necessary documentation and possible packaging solutions.

As an "all-from-one-source supplier", we put the customer at the centre. We want you to get to your target and offer you individual and high-performance solutions. Quick inspection of feasibility and implementation of your requirements is the target of SE-Elektronic.

We work according to the motto: WE'LL FIX IT FOR YOU!

SE-Elektronic not only puts great value on the quality of products and solutions, but also on the offered services. Our customers receive technical support for customer-specific projects from us.

GSM and radio technology - remote maintenance

Router GSM

The ROUTER GSM has the task of establishing remote access to the BACnet network via the integrated GSM modem. A device permits forwarding of BACnet messages and alarms via BACnet services as text message or email.

The device has an integrated mobile phone model for industrial use. As a Quad band unit, it can be used in any country with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz networks.

Operating units - visualisation

Operating unit with graphical display to control and visualise process data of the automation stations

Product catalogue - our range

Here you are able to download our current catalogue.

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Fire protection flap control system

The new module also has two connections for channel smoke detectors with integrated power supply. The network communication takes place via BACnet MS/TP; operation in the BACnet ring bus for better safety in case of possible bus interruption is also specified..

With integrated repeaters, up to 126 modules can be connected in series or in a ring. Function safety in case of power outage has been observed as well: The flap runtime is permanently monitored so that any defects or stiff movements that occur can be recognised automatically and reliably and remedied at once.