About us

Innovative solutions from a single source.

What high-performance building automation and the associated software means for you. Since 1983, SE-Elektronic has produced components for building automation and the associated software. Our decades of experience in development of solutions and the fact that we only produce in Germany speaks for us.


From the beginning, we have driven basic developments in the areas of communication-capable sensors and actors and helped design them. Our mission, then, today and in the future: Combining a pleasant room climate with economic and sustainable actions.


Complete solutions for:

  • Heating, ventilation and climate technology
  • Lift and conveyor technology
  • Safety and access control
  • Sanitary/water treatment
  • Renewable energies

Energy management:

  • Web-based energy monitoring solution
  • Innovative and high-performance solutions for building automation

Remote maintenance:

  • Web-based remote maintenance (without analogue modem)
  • Safe (always only one outbound connection towards the Service portal)
  • Central user management
  • Cost-efficient

Targets of SE-Elektronic

Customer satisfaction


Consulting and service during the entire product life cycle


Quick and efficient repair service for our products


Modern, functionally equivalent successor products for exchange if a repair no longer pays off


Extraordinary Support


High investment safety


Strong innovation for novelties

Investment in new segments

Investment in know how

Quality, efficient work and motivated employees


BACnet certificate

Here you can find the new BACnet certificate
of our devices according to BACnet standard
ISO 16484-5:2017, Rev. 15: BACnet certificate

Here you can find the BACnet certificate
of our devices according to BACnet standard
ISO 16484-5:2012, Rev. 12: BACnet certificate

AMEV certificate

In 2012, we were one of the first two companies that received the AMEV certificate for our automation stations. We are one of the few companies that even support the
AMEV profile AS-B.

QM certificate

Not only the products of SE-Elektronic are certified, but our work processes are as well. We have had
a certified quality management according to
ISO 9001:2015 since 1996.

Energy management

Since February 2020, SE-Elektronic has been certified in the field of energy management according to the testing standard ISO 50001:2011.


Donations for humanitarian purposes



Project 2018

The Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation helps the weakest in our society, the seriously ill children. Every family can be affected. For more than 25 years, the Foundation has been very successful in collecting Ginkgo donations for sick children with the annual Ginkgo Tour. In 2018 the participants cycle for the Lebenshilfe Göppingen. Families with very premature, chronically or severely ill children are often left on their own after hospitalization. Many worries and fears accompany her during this time. In addition, they are heavily burdened by the special medical and nursing care. The "social-medical follow-up" is here to the place. In close cooperation with the children's hospitals in the rural districts of Göppingen and Esslingen, it offers support, advice and support to these families in the "Bunter Kreis" model. The aftercare is orphaned across the circle under the sponsorship of Lebenshilfe Göppingen. At the Tour Ginkgo this year by the districts of Göppingen and Esslingen, the cyclists will come to our company for breakfast on 30.06.2018. More information about the Tour Ginkgo 2018 can be found here


Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation

We are committed to children and teens, have supported the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation and Tour Ginkgo since the end of 2011.

Tour Ginkgo means "citizens' commitment" to work and help for severely ill children and teens, in particular for young people suffering from leukaemia and other types of cancer.

Tour Ginkgo was brought to life by the Christiane-Eichenhofer Foundation. Its namesake suffered from leukaemia herself when she was younger and therefore knows about the concerns and problems of those affected and their families first-hand.

For more information on Tour Ginkgo and the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation, see:



Since 2005, we have been an IHK training operation and offering training positions in the areas of industrial clerk (m/f), electrical engineer for information and system technology (m/f), electrical engineer equipment and systems (m/f), IT specialist for system integration and/or IT specialist for application development (m/f).


Since 2012, we have been offering the option of studying through the University of Baden-Württemberg in the areas of electrical engineering and information technology. Furthermore, we also offer students the option of using the knowledge they gained in their studies in many different areas in the scope of an internship and to learn many interesting new things.


Successful companies are not only characterised by good products and services, but most of all through reliable and competent employees. They fill the company with life, bring in new ideas and thereby help to develop the entire company further. As a young and medium-sized enterprise, we have the target of developing effective and efficient products. In order to implement this target, we are looking for competent motivated people for our headquarters in Göppingen. SE-Elektronic is a successful manufacturer of control-technical devices and components of the ventilation and air conditioning technology, and has been successful on the market for more than 30 years.


  • BACnet Logo

    BACnet Interest Group Europe e.V.

Team events

Trainee trip

Trainee trip

Once per year, we take all trainees on a day trip, e.g. to the Europapark, cart racing or to the thermal bath. The trainees can choose what they want to do there.

BarbarossaBerglauf in Göppingen

BarbarossaBerglauf in Göppingen

The Göppingen BarbarossaBerglauf takes place at the beginning of the running season. Alone or as part of a relay, they climb up the local Hohenstaufen mountain and back to the wharf hall in the Stauferpark.


Einsteinmarathon in Ulm

Einsteinmarathon in Ulm

In September, runners in Ulm can once again show all their skill when participating in the Einsteinmarathon. They can do so alone or as relay runners.


EisstockCup in Göppingen

EisstockCup in Göppingen

Every December, an artificial curling track is set up in Göppingen's city centre. In this event, we play against other companies and associations. It is always great fun. Our display case is full of cups.

Health lectures in the company

Health lectures in the company

We keep our employees in good health condition and offer lectures as well as check-ups.


staff outing

staff outing

Twice a year, after work, we look at special features in our region.

Summer festival with the family

Summer festival with the family

We host a summer festival once per year. It takes place either in a tent on the company premises with tours of the company, or we will meet in a nice location in our region.

Year-end event

Year-end event

At the end of the year, we will go on a tour somewhere in our region together, following up with a dinner.


SE goes bowling

SE goes bowling

Usually, we spontaneously pick a day on which we go bowling in Göppingen and have lots of fun with it.

SE plays beach volleyball

SE plays beach volleyball

When we do not go cycling, we will meet in the sand to play beach volleyball.

SE goes hiking

SE goes hiking

In spring and autumn, we like to go for a hike in our region after work.

Nabada in Ulm

SE has its own raft at the Nabada in Ulm. First, we will build together so that we can drift down the Donau "nabada" (down) with our raft on the "national holiday".


SE goes cycling

In summer, we use Friday nights to cycle across the beautiful Swabian mountains.

SE plays badminton

In winter, when cycling and beach volleyball are not options, we play badminton indoors together after work.


24-hour swimming in Göppingen

24-hour swimming in Göppingen

Swimming for a good cause.


Leading image


We secure a headstart for our customers and ourselves through innovation.

  • We apply the latest technologies in our production and products for building automation.
  • We develop a headstart on the market for our customers through unique selling features.
  • Innovation ensures jobs for our employees and offers interesting activities to them.
  • For this, we promise and demand permanent further development of our employees.


We maintain active and honest communication inwards as well as outwards.

  • Problems are communicated as soon as they are recognisable.
  • Ideas, suggestions for improvement and wishes for changes are contributed actively.
  • We presented criticism in a factual manner without personally attacking others.
  • We consider information something we need to provide.

Organisation and management

We have a clear order structure and maintain a fair management style.

  • There is a clear setup and process organisation.
  • Employees in management positions are aware of their responsibility and the difficulty of their management tasks. We take time for employee management.
  • The promotion and training of employees on all levels is important to us.
  • There are regular individual employee interviews in order to agree clear targets and to discuss what has already been achieved.
  • Agreements and rules apply consistently to all parties involved.


To us, quality means the demand-compatible, timely and cost-efficient development and manufacture of best products and services.

  • The quality ensures function for many years and guarantees investment safety to our customers.
  • Our qualified employees guarantee the best quality of our products and services in a process-oriented management system.
  • We consider mistakes opportunities to improve by determining and removing the causes together.

Environment and society

We take responsibility for the environment and society.

  • We keep the strain on the environment as low as possible through our products and production.
  • With our products, we enable economically efficient and resource-protecting building operation.
  • We participate in social and cultural projects in our region and support our employees in their social commitment.

Economic success

We strive for growth and economic success together.

  • We secure revenue and financial power with continuous growth.
  • Appropriate profit is the basis for our company's security. This way, we create, maintain and design our workplaces in the long term.
  • Through performance-dependent premium controls with company and individual targets, our employees are part of the company's success.
  • We handle the company's assets with care and avoid waste.

Work-life balance

We want to enable all employees to harmonise their work and private lives.

  • In the scope of what is operationally possible, we show consideration for our employees' needs. This includes, e.g., part-time models, flexible working times and home office options.
  • We promote interaction in the scope of shared events.


Our promise is true. We meet each other openly and honestly, with trust and respect.

  • We show our business partners respect and demand open dialogue.
  • We show integrity and are not corrupt in our opinion and behaviour.
  • We comply with the agreements reached and expect that our partners do that as well.
  • We observe the law, social standards and cultures.