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References and solutions

Building management solutions of SE-Elektronic have been operated successfully for many years. They are the precise answer to the requirements that our customers set to us for optimal building use.

Our building management systems greatest freedom from the design phase to diverse use of the buildings. SE-Elektronic ensures an individual room climate, safety and energy savings.

Please understand that we can only inform you about any further references after individual coordination, since we process confidential data in many customer relationships.

For example, we have developed solutions for the following industries:

  • Development of a compact DDC for CO-monitoring in underground parking garages
  • Controls of air conditioning controls of MRI scanners and mediation containers for telecommunication systems
  • Solutions for air conditioning systems
  • Development of a remote monitoring system
  • Solutions for fire protection technology
  • Control of tracked photovoltaic systems
  • System solutions for hot-water preparation
  • Complete control for indoor swimming baths
  • Room automation modules for hospitals
  • Building technology app for hotels

Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation or in our product solutions.

HLK-technology- is encountered more often than you think

Kirkenes, Norway

Ca 58 BACnet controller with it 300 DI/50DO/300AI/50AO
Hardware with connection via BACnet TCP/IP to GLT/BMS system


  • 16 x air conditioning systems with modbus coupling
  • 4 x heating controls with modbus coupling heat meter, pumps
  • 450 x SE single room controls with Belimo Bus bus coupling ventilation, DALI control of lighting, PWM control of heating
  • 14 x SE BACnet MS/TP gateways with a total of 450 x MS/TP single-room controllers with GLT coupling via BACnet GLT
  • 14 x floor distributors with 700 pot-free messages, modbus coupling with electrical systems
  • Kirkenes, Norway
Fiducia headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany

Fiducia headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany

FIDUCIA group, headquartered in Karlsruhe, is a leading IT service provider in Germany and IT-competence centre and largest IT service provider in the cooperative FinanzVerbund. In the Fiducia headquarters, control and regulation of the energy-efficient procedures takes place through building control technology of SE-Elektronic GmbH.

  • Fiducia Headquarters, Karlsruhe
Menerga Zentrale in Maribor, Slovenia

Menerga Zentrale in Maribor, Slovenia

Menerga moved into a new, energy-saving office in 2004 and won the Greenbuilding Award with it the same year. Menerga Slovenia is the first Greenbuilding Partner in Slovenia.

  • Menerga Slowenia
State Theatre in Stuttgart, Germany

State Theatre in Stuttgart, Germany

The State Theatre Stuttgart is one of the most successful and renowned operas and theatres in Germany. A new ventilation system ensures a good climate at rehearsal. Relevant control values are transferred between the ventilation system and the building control technology (BCT) using a BACnet interface. The great advantage of BACnet for the operator: It can work independently of protocol with various manufacturers. The control of the air conditioning and ventilation unit, working with components from SE-Elektronic, easily cooperates with the BACnet-capable GLT.

  • State Theatre, Stuttgart
Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, Germany

Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, Germany

In the 1970s, the hemisphere, known throughout the city, developed into a concert hall where the audience met to probe the infinite ranges of culture while being inspired by international stars from all genres. The city modernised it with an investment of 26 million Euro in 2005. More than 200 concerts with 220,000 spectators per year make the "Neue Tonhalle" a grand forum for culture and a popular meeting place. It uses the latest SE-Elektronic C-bus technology.

  • Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, Deutschland